Think & Grow Series

5 TITLES  |  Size 216 x 279mm  |  Binding Saddle Stiched, Paperback  | Age Group 2+, 3+, 4+, 5+ & 6+

Puzzles are one of the oldest pastimes for children. Children who regularly play with puzzles grow with much better life skills than those who do not. Our Think & Grow Series works wonders in developing the problem solving and reasoning skills of children.

Our Think & Grow series :

  • brings such activities that are based on the objects which children see in their immediate surroundings.
  • provides such puzzles that are a constant source of mental stimulation for children.
  • entertains and engages children even then if they are simply reworking the same puzzles over and over again.
  • boosts the confidence of children that helps them solve puzzles much faster and prepares them for some complex reasoning-based activities.