Pattern Writing Books

Pattern Writing becomes so easy

Children need strong motor skills in order to write letters and numbers. Such motor skills develop with a sincere practice of tracing exercises based on various patterns. Our Straight & Slant Series comes up with a number of activities that help children master pre-writing skills, which lead their way towards the advanced writing skills. 

Pattern Writing for 3 years old

  • It strengthens the pincer grip of children, which makes it easier for them to control a pencil while writing. 
  • It brings such activities that ensure a balanced amount of pressure is applied by a child on paper while using a pencil.  
  • It develops problem-solving strategies among children and helps them gain confidence to master new skills.   

Pattern Writing for 4 years old

  • It develops their ability to recognise the patterns and encourages them to complete each activity successfully.  
  • It gives a lot of practice on recognition of patterns which lets them visualise how different patterns work together.   
  • This book fosters their creativity by giving them a new challenge in every activity provided on each page of the series.