Drawing Books for Kids

Step by Step Drawing

Easy Steps - My Complete Book of Drawing helps children learn how to draw different things they see in their immediate surroundings. This book teaches simple cartoon drawings to children through a number of techniques. Such techniques can be mastered by children if they practise them regularly.


  • Builds focus and hand-eye coordination 
  • Develops observation and visual skills 
  • Expands creativity and imagination 
  • Boosts self-esteem 
  • Helps grow problem-solving and social skills 
  • Facilitates self-regulation  

  • At this stage children fill colours in the pictures they are provided with, but this unique book lets them draw the pictures of their choice in a very simple way.  
  • Steps to draw each picture are kept very simple to make children comfortable with the objects to be drawn.  
  • It is a well-graded book that proceeds from simple to little complex drawings keeping in mind the age of children. 
  • Proper space is provided on each page so that children could draw and colour the pictures easily.  

  • Each picture entertains children and enhances their confidence. 
  • Each page of the book is decorated with soft colours that give relaxation to the eyes of little children. 
  • This book covers almost all the themes that children would need while drawing different things. 
  • A number of drawings are animated to entertain children. To access these animated videos log on to www.youtube.com and search for Ekas Books.