All in One for Kids

Busy Butterfly - Early Words A Child Must Know is an important book in the Busy Butterfly Series. This series is developed with the aim to produce in-home learning products for young children.      

Children remain busy like a butterfly in moving around from one place to another. They see a thing of their interest and instantly raise a question. Their questions are very precious and should be given proper attention in order to make child a constant little thinker.   

This book could be a reason for arranging a question-answer session in the family. Its big and beautifully arranged pictures help children focus on a particular thing at a time and encourage them to ask anything about the things they see on the page they are looking at.  

This book is an effort to make in-home learning scientific and age appropriate. No effort has been made to make this book full of information and names. Only words from the immediate surroundings of a child have been picked up to help him/her start confidently.   

Well-graded and child-friendly approach remains the only guiding force in making this book a blend of necessary things that a child must know.    

  • Increases vocabulary that will improve the writing skills of children.
  • Develops visual-spatial skills that enable children analyse shapes and colours of everything they see in this three-dimensional colourful world. 
  • Improves physical participation of a child when he/she turns over the pages of this book. The words and pictures allow the child to experience what is happening on the particular page. 
  • Builds confidence of children when they learn and use new words. 

What can parents do to make this book useful for their child?         You need to read the names of objects for your child and ask him/her to identify the pictures with their names. Repeat the names several times and ask the child to place his/her finger on the picture whose name has just been spoken. Help your child pronounce the names correctly. Improper efforts must be appreciated and child should be encouraged to pronounce properly.     

Make stories on the words given in the book. Discuss events related to the words with your child. Recall when you came to know about these words and how did you memorise them. Create a fun atmosphere at home while turning over the pages of this book.