Big & Small Series

2 TITLES  |  Size 216 x 279mm  |  Binding Saddle Stiched, Paperback  | Age Group 3+ & 4+

Children start observing different shapes in their surroundings since their early childhood. Their observation helps them identify the objects of various shapes and sizes. With a view to make their proper understanding about the shapes, we have developed Two Books on Shapes.

It is important to know how this series benefits our young learners.

  • It includes a number of tracing activities that help children learn how to draw different shapes.
  • It makes easier for children to progress in drawing because making shapes is one of the first steps that develops drawing skills.
  • It helps children understand the formation of alphabet and numbers, which are made up of straight lines, slanting lines, circles and curves.
  • It lets them know how to compare different shapes and a group of shapes together.
  • It has come up with various creative activities that develop problem-solving skills such as sorting, classification and ordering among children.

This series uses basic shapes from the environment of children to teach them the concept. All of us know that things, covering the surroundings of children, have always been a source of fun to the young learners.