My Easy Wipe-Clean Series

5 TITLES  |  Size 216 x 279mm  |  Binding Saddle Stiched, Paperback  | Age Group 3+

My Easy Wipe-Clean Series is designed to provide more and more practice of alphabet, numbers, patterns and shapes to children on easy to clean pages.

Here are some points that will help you understand the importance of this series.

  • This series is full of well-graded exercises that prepare young children for school and make them comfortable with various methods used in making of alphabet, numbers, patterns and shapes.
  • Children of this age group use pencils for most of their work, but this series lets them use sketch pens and add a fun element to their learning process. The sketch pens are meant to help children understand and memorise whatever they learn. Using any book of this series children can write again and again and easily wipe the wrong portions wherever necessary.
  • This series uses soft colours in layouting and gives a relaxation to the eyes of young learners. Its big and meaningful pictures with larger tracing space make it a wonderful and highly recommended series for children which keeps them busy for a good time.