Easy Steps Series

3 TITLES  |  Size 279 x 216mm  |  Binding Saddle Stiched, Paperback  | Age Group 3+, 4+ & 5+

Easy Steps is a wonderful series of three books. It helps children learn how to draw different things they see in their immediate surroundings. A number of drawing techniques are included in the series which can be mastered by children if they practise them regularly.

Important features of this series are :

  • At this stage children fill colours in the images they are provided, but this unique series lets them draw the pictures of their choice in the most simple way.
  • Steps to draw each drawing are kept very simple to make children comfortable with the objects to be drawn.
  • Proper space is provided to each drawing so that children could draw the pictures easily while moving their hands on the sheet.
  • Pictures are chosen very carefully that children are well aware of.
  • The simplest way, in which pictures are drawn, entertains children and boosts their confidence.
  • All three books are well-graded that proceed from simple to little complex drawings keeping in mind the age of children.
  • Each book of the series covers almost all the themes that children would need while drawing different things.