Colour & Write Series

3 TITLES  |  Size 216 x 279mm  |  Binding Saddle Stiched, Paperback  | Age Group 3+

Our Colour & Write Series is developed with the aim to improve motor skills of children through colouring and tracing activities. Its large and attractive pictures for colouring and easily traceable letters or numbers boost the confidence of children as they make comparatively less mistakes in such format. This series makes children feel skilled in colouring and tracing, moreover, inspires them to write on their own.

The practice given on each page of the series will help children acquire :

  • the ability to concentrate, which is a crucial study skill.
  • the ability to analyse what they see and then physically act upon their understanding.
  • the ability to reason, which is a necessary precursor to all learning.
  • a strong sense of self-awareness and a strong foundation for lifelong success.

We can say that our sincere efforts have resulted in a series which creates an inspiring and caring environment for our young learners.